Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson gives Twitter shout-out to Freedom High

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson may be the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. But his geography is a little rusty.

Johnson, a 1990 graduate of Freedom High School, on Tuesday responded to a tweet from ESPN Radio of the Lehigh Valley personality Matt Markus. Markus, a resident of Easton, tweeted, "I'm guessing that @TheRock is a Cyborg that blows up if he isn't working 26 hours a day, 13 months out of the year."

Markus' initial tweet to The Rock was a response to The Hollywood Reporter, who tweeted that Johnson will produce the car-focused cop series Boost Unit for the FX network.

The former WWE champion replied to Markus, "@MarkusESPNLV Its one of the values I learned at Freedom High. Outwork your competition. Especially Easton.." The end of Johnson's tweet was accompanied by a Face of Tears with Joy emoji.

Markus then politely corrected the People's Champion. "@TheRock I'm a Notre Dame guy, but you're damn right. Good stuff, man," he tweeted. (Markus is a 1999 graduate of Notre Dame High School.)

Johnson closed out the exchange with, "Damn thought you were Easton. Miss my LV days. Keep holdin it down dude."

Markus, who also works as a marketing assistant for the State Theatre in Easton, said late Wednesday that his Twitter feed has "blown up" since his brief conversation with The Rock. "It's been an awesome 24 hours," he said in a Facebook exchange.