REVIEW: Darryl Lix and the High Kicks' 'Limber Up' gleefully stretches boundaries of punk

(Courtesy Image)

(Courtesy Image)

Partying in their own corner of the punk rock universe, feet planted firmly at the corner of Fugazi Avenue and Green Jelly Boulevard, resides Darryl Lix & The High Kicks.

The Bethlehem-based group's debut LP, Limber Up, stretches the boundaries of old-school punk by infusing a healthy dose of souped-up heavy-metal and relying on a wry sense of humor. 

The album explores familiar waters previously chartered by the likes of Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish as the band puts their grit and snarl up front without sacrificing the funny -- all the while pummeling your senses with meaty, fast-paced riffing.

Song titles such as "You're a Snake (In Snakeskin)," "Let's Leave the Lights On (Just for Tonight)," and "Gingerly Taking the Tip (Come On, Babe, It's the '90s)" may be chuckle-worthy, but there is no joking about the talent on display. There is serious muscle being flexed here. (The quintet consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Darryl Lix, guitarist-vocalist Josh Berk, bassist-vocalist Bill Duane, drummer-vocalist Jamie Howe, and vocalist Kelly Berk.) 

The LP ends with the acoustic jam "Richard (Prefers Dick)." Based on the eight tracks that precede it, you can likely guess where the song heads lyrically. ("Richard" could have easily been included on one of those early 2000s Fat Wreck Chords compilation albums, sandwiched somewhere in between Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies and Lagwagon B-sides.)

Limber Up is an energizing, and refreshing, collection of music. More importantly, it's fun as hell. 

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