INTERVIEW: Comedian Kris Fried on 'risks' of recording 'We're All Adults Here'

Kris Fried.  (Courtesy Photo)

Kris Fried. (Courtesy Photo)

Comedian Kris Fried decided that, after five years, it was time to put his best material in front of an audience of about 200 people and record it.

But what was initially intended to be a visual project turned into his recently released debut comedy album, We're All Adults Here. The album, which dropped Feb. 7, was recorded in August 2016 at Cedar Crest College in Allentown. (The show was also a fundraiser for the Kisses for Kyle childhood cancer foundation.)

Not only was it the 2003 Salisbury High School graduate's first time recording material in front of an audience, it was also the longest set Fried had performed up to that point. Fried said the video footage may see the light of day at some point. 

"It was kind of a risk being that I had never done stand-up for a straight hour or so. It was a learning experience in longevity," Fried said during a recent phone interview. "I figured I would record all of the strong stuff and why not throw in a couple of things to try out. Some of the stuff that actually made the album was literally the first or second time I tried out, which, technically, I know as a comedian I should not do."

We're All Adults Here is availableon iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and Pandora.

Fried said he purposely left in some of the more awkward moments of the show, even some momentary heckling. "I wanted to keep it real. I didn't want to take those out and be fake about it," Fried said. "Originally, I didn't know what it was going to lead to."

Releasing the album was also a way, Fried said, for him to put to bed material he has grown tired of performing. "A lot of this material was about dating and awkward run-ins I've had in bars with girls and doing the whole dating thing. But I've joked about that long enough," he said, chuckling. "I'm sick of telling those stories. I rather move on to other, observational, things I'm ready to joke about."

He added, "I'm still a single, immature idiot, however, I hope to have more perspective. I'm hoping to have a different layer of thought in the next year."

Before he retires all of his jokes on the trials, triumphs and tribulations of dating, however, Fried will perform tonight as part of the "Power of Love" stand-up show at Broadway Social in Bethlehem. Comedians Tyler Rothrock, Nate Marshall and Keele Howard-Stone are also on the bill.

Fried, who splits his time between his home in Allentown and New York City, has appeared on Conan and G4's Attack of the Show. He has also shown up on World Wrestling Entertainment programming and written sketches for Saturday Night Live

Additionally, Fried has performed as part of comedian Liz Russo's annual free outdoor comedy showcase at Riverside Park in Easton.

"Power of Love" is scheduled for 8 o'clock at Broadway Social, 217 Broadway, Bethlehem. Tickets cost $10.